Monday, December 28, 2009

December 28th, 2009

Weights this morning with Dane hurt. I was actually going strong on the squat rack, but every time I stepped out to reset the bar, I felt a pinch in my hip flexor. I didn't push it too much even though I felt really strong, because I was worried about an injury. I tried a few dead lifts and called it a day. Something was just not right. I spent 20 minutes talking to Dane while he continued his routine while I stretched out my leg. It was just really tight I guess.

I took a nap after the gym because I had time to kill before I had to meet Kyle in Newport Beach. My nap went a little long though and I had to drive there.

I ended up taking Sunday off as well, because i was enjoying the time with my family and because the Jets were on. They won, so it was a great choice.

I showed up to the bathrooms a little late, as per my usual. It really must be hard to be my friend. Our friend Jake's girl friend, Eva was with Kyle. We rode down PCH towards Laguna and enjoyed some of Southern California's greatest miles on our way to Bluebird Canyon. Bluebird is a shirt steep climb in south Laguna which makes for a nice effort to throw into an easy ride. The decent on the backside is short but sweet too. We took the Canyon back north through Irvine. Then took a left up San Jauquin and did the alternate Newport Coast climb. I love coming down that road, its straight as an arrow and if you catch the light in the middle you can get your speed up pretty high. 45.6 mph today.

Stats for the day 45 miles/ 2 hours and 45 minutes. Tomorrow I'm riding with Dane and Josh of Becher Jr. fame. I have flaked on the last 4 rides that have started before 10:00 am, so we'll see if I can wake up and get out of my warm bed.

I listen to music all day long, so I think I am going to start including a song with every post from now on. I picked Decades by Joy Division, because of the Tom Zirbel situation. I feel for him, his life is going to change drastically and his character is going to take a big hit. How ever it ends up, I hope he still finds happiness in his life. i love racing my bike, but if I couldn't do it anymore, I know I could find different ways to spend my time. Its still a sad story, I really admired him for making the pro tour at 31. Good luck with this tough time Tom.

Anyway, enjoy...

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