Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 26th, 2009

Sometimes when you wake up its hard to convince yourself to throw a leg over your top tube. Marcel told me this happens to him sometimes too. I know most of the time I'm just tired and need to eat some cereal and get dressed and I'll be fine. Today I felt different, just drained. I though sleeping in to avoid the cold would help it, but I still wasn't ready to go anywhere. My heel feels the worst in the morning. And at 9:00 it felt like a broken bone, now at 11:30 I'm ready to do hill repeats on it. I mean I'm not going to, but it feels better. Its just a stupid bruise, but its in a bad place.

So I take some advice from Marcel this morning, and I didn't ride. I always take Marcel's advice, he has done everything I could hope to do.

The problem with off days, is I worry that I will over eat. When I get bored I eat, its pretty normal I think. So now I am waiting until 12:00 pm so I can eat lunch, then I'll go brave the stores and make some returns.

I promise to kick Sunday's ass though, because I want to. Sunday's been acting like a punk.


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