Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 17, 2009

This weather has been outstanding this week. I can't believe I get to live here sometimes. Most Californians I know have never lived in the snow. I can't imagine finding the motivation to go train in the dead of winter back on Long Island. I'll stick to my ocean front riding. It was 70 degrees today and I was wearing no base layer, arm warmers, knee warmers or embrocation. I'm worried we may have to pay the universe back for this good fortune soon. I just hope its after my winter training is completed. I'd rather skip a day in March than December.

Today I rode 70 miles in just under 5 hours with Dave and Dane. Dave and Dane make up one half of what I have dubbed Becher Jr. I got tired of trying to explain who I was riding with when none of my cycling friends knew them. They are new to cycling this year (along with Josh and Jake) and they sure make these winter miles more fun. Also its nice to have some of my friends do something with me since I rarely have time to hang out anymore.

This would be the longest ride in Becher Jr.'s short history. I think 45 was the previous high, so I knew this was a stretch. I sweetened the pot for them by promising them food, even though I don't normally allow for long stopages. How can we pass up Creme Cafe? I got potatoes.

Once we got onto PCH we met up with Ashley, and he joined us for a good two hours. I think the guys were happy to see someone of his caliber in our little group. At least with Ashley him and I alternate who is late; usually I am always late. Its nice to have someone who can dish it out too.

The ride took its toll on Becher Jr. and we crawled the last 10 miles home, but they'll both have new saddles soon and enjoy riding 70 miles again soon enough.

After the ride Dave and I got down to business on his fiance's bike frame. Its going to be silver and neon green, I'm jealous. Good day.

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