Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 16th, 2009

I rode with Ashley again today, 50 miles in all for about 3 hours. We did 45 minutes of tempo work, which was the first real work I've done all year. Whenever I try to gauge my heart-rate during hard efforts I do one of my favorite things, talk. Depending on how easy it is for me to talk, I can tell how hard an effort is for me. We both got really quiet during the beginning of our tempo, but it was more of a cautious silence. In the end I emerged with continued confidence for next season based on our conversation throughout the canyon ride.

I love riding in the canyon, but its almost a tease to ride the canyon from Jamboree to cooks corner. Every cyclist who has ever ridden the canyon knows how much fun it is to go north through the canyon, if you don't know this try both and get back to me.

I have been struggling with plan vs action lately. I know what's wrong. I have a mix of seasonal effectiveness, as well as a crunch from limited work. It didn't help that the rain last week made it very easy for me to just pull the covers back over my head and sleep through the week. I am surprised how long my dedication lasted; I am now two and a half months into my off season. So I know that this won't last, especially now that Ashley is back on the bike.

I have two weeks coming up where there will be no jobs available, so, until then, I will try to work as much as possible. I often work short days, but after five hours in a cold classroom with nothing to do I find it hard to get anything done. I like waking up and dragging my feet until I am awake and then going for a ride when I'm good and ready, knowing that when i get home I can have my recovery shake. Its the little things right?

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