Monday, January 12, 2009

January 12th, 2009 - What's it like down there?

I rode for the first time this off season with the team on back to back days. I felt great. I still have some trouble climbing, but my early races are not very hilly, so that won't be an issue. Orosi is the only race on the schedule that I really want to make a good showing at that has climbing. I would like to do well at the Aliso Viejo Grand Prix, but that race is too short for me to really warm up and have a good showing.

I must admit it was nice hearing compliments from the other guys on the ride about my form. I had been a little worried about where I was at since I took most of the past three months off the bike. I think its safe to say that I am well ahead of where I was last year as far as strength is concerned. My fitness could be better, but that will come in the next few weeks as I finish up with student teaching and start to focus more on riding my bike.

On a different note, I am looking forward to this movie so bad.

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