Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st, 2010

This year is moving along so quickly I don't even remember Smarch.

Today I did some hill repeats. I am in full San Dimas Stage Race prep mode. Hill Repeats are fun because 50% of the time you are flying down hill, but the other 50% of the time you are just counting the seconds until you can go back down hill.

If you have never considered hill repeats before, let me enlighten you. Basically, you find a hill and go up it and back down several times. Pretty boring right? There are different ways you can approach each attempt. If you stay seated you can spin up the hill and this will help you with your climbing for much longer gradual grades. Your body becomes comfortable with spinning up hill. You can also do the whole thing out of the saddle. The benefit for this is that you are working different muscle groups in different ways. Also this helps with all of your out of the saddle efforts, including sprinting.

There is another technique which is great for climbs like Newport Coast (less than 2 miles, but more than 1 mile). Alternate in and out of the saddle efforts every 30 seconds to a minute. I find this helps with my recovery for longer climbs. So that's about all I know about hill repeats.

I also got my first flat this year today, I made it about 3 months since my last one. So that was fun.

Song of the day: Kashmir - Kalifornia

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