Thursday, December 24, 2009

December 24th, 2009

Turns out my heel hurts a lot more than I thought. I was able to keep playing last night so I thought it was just a stinger. I should be able to ride tomorrow, but I didn't want to chance getting stuck 50 miles from home today with Ashley and have him be stuck listening to me cry like a little girl who got the wrong my little pony toy.

I know that with all of the stuff I do a real injury is bound to happen, but I have to admit there was some irony here. When I was getting ready last night, I realized I left my new mouth piece at home. I play without a face shield, so I figured I should start wearing a mouth piece. I went through all of the trouble of molding it to my mouth and scratching the TapouT logo off the front, and then left it on the counter. I joked with one of my teammates that tonight would be the night that I get hit in the mouth. He said not to jinx myself, but I think that unjinxed me by saying it would happed. After all my body took all of the punishment. My ass is fine by the way, I just flexed and deflected the puck into the net <3 /enjoy your tomorrow.

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