Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lance on Floyd

From Velo News
Velo News: What are you thoughts on racing with Floyd Landis again?
Lance Armstrong: I haven’t given it much thought outside of the things I’ve said: His suspension is up, and you have to welcome people back. He’s done his time. Just like we all get a speeding ticket and we pay our fine, or you do something worse and you serve time or whatever and you’re back into society. We have to be that way. People were critical of (what I said), because they feel like Floyd should confess. But that’s not a discussion that’s ever worth having because Floyd believes he’s innocent. And furthermore, a lot of people believe he’s innocent. And so Floyd Landis can’t confess just to appease the people that want a confession and a clearance. Life doesn’t work that way. In his heart of hearts, he believes he didn’t do anything. And in the reality of our times, he served his penalty.
This has been my biggest problem with people critical of Floyd. You cannot give a confession for something you believe you did not do. I would never call my self a huge fan of Armstrong's, but he has the best response to this question I have seen so far.

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