Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21, 2009 - There is Beauty in the Breakdown or, I just stepped on your toes

I have two days left at work, that is pretty much all I can think about, I mean there is other stuff, but I cannot wait for the slave labor to be over. My sister hurt her back really bad and has been laid out in bed for days, she actually broke her tail bone. So she can only get up twice a day, she is pretty upset about it, but not taking it out on anyone. Stupid snowboard tricks haha. started doing things I have never done before, but its like playing a game of scrabble with only blank letters. I am downloading that p90x workout because I want to look like those guys, well I just want to be fast, if I could be fast and look like a piece of shit I would do that instead.

Speaking of fast, I have my first race of the season on Sunday. It is a course I know well, so I expect to contest the sprint. I am finding more and more that the biggest part of winning in bike racing, is telling everyone how fast you are and freaking them out. That's all people talk about now. Just for fun...

Listening to: Integrity - The Burden of Purity

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