Friday, June 18, 2010

June 18, 2010

I'm stuck on an airplane with thousands of bored children. I don't hate the children, just the plane for being old. I have a helmet in my carry on, should I wear it just in case we crash. I'd feel pretty stupid if a helmet could've protected me and I died instead. Sweet incredibly crazy turbulence as I typed that.

I'm going to Denver for work this weekend. I'm looking forward to riding my bike around town and out of town.

My season has paused a bit this week with no racing on the weekend, I took an extended stay off my bike for the first time since January. It was nice not having to get up at 430 for group rides, but also boring. When you ride bikes anytime spent off the bike feels wasted, I got very little done this week. At least I don't have to shave.

My plan is to ride around Denver until Monday, then I fly home Monday afternoon. Tuesday I'll try and do ElDo and lots of laundry. Wednesday I fly out to Seattle for work again.

I was able to bring my bike to Seattle earlier this year, so I'm excited to be there again. Also I'll get to ride with Eric again (he's a newly minted member of Becher+ now). I come back from Seattle on Saturday night (with just enough time to watch the Fedor fight!). That doesn't end my summer travels, though.

Sunday morning after I get back from Seattle is the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix; a race I love and have always targeted. I feel like George Hincapie this year with my record in the "classics" of Southern California. A crash on the last lap of Redlands caused me to go off course. At Dana Point I spent the whole race working for a team mate and he wasn't able to get the result he wanted. In Long Beach, a race I never enjoy, I was working for a team mate again but he flatted out of the race. I would really like to turn that all around at MBGP next weekend.

Following Manhattan Beach, Ashley and I will be traveling to Chicago for Superweek. We will be doing only the first week, but we're both pretty excited. For me its an opportunity to see how I stack up against top cat 3 racers and hopefully get some points to take home (money too!). For Ashley its more about getting the pro teams to see him and try and get him a spot on a pro team next year. If we could get him in talks with a few teams I'd be happy.

We have to come back from Superweek early because I'm working again on the 17th of July in Santa Barbara. This money will be very welcome and I will enjoy spending it.

Landing in 20 minutes, time to go.
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