Friday, May 7, 2010

May 7th, 2010

I haven't been following the pro peleton as closely as I normally do this year. I have had my eye on the domestic scene because its close to me. So I am a little caught off guard by how close the Giro di' Italia actually is. Luckily my resident pink sweater wearing cyclist, Eric Popiel made a few predictions for us.

For the upcoming Domesticated special Giro edition....Cunego, Evans, Scarponi, Bruzeghin, Vino, and Basso as my predictions for top 6...Garzelli as the guaranteed 7th and KOM title....Simoni with one final stage win....AleJet taking all the critical sprint stages with Friere taking a couple too.

Obviously the pink sweater is actually a turtle neck and is much too tight. What other excuse can there be for only one non-Italian in his predictions? I don't count Friere because he isn't even starting the race due to illness.

While I love Eric's enthusiasm, I must say he forgot the quiet Spaniard with a chip on his shoulder, Carlos Sastre. He also forgot the German Magilla Gorilla Andre Greipel. Greg Henderson is good for a few stages as well. Lastly I don't think Bruzeghin is on any Giro rosters, but I could be wrong.

Domesticated Carbon's official predictions:
Podium -
1. Evans
2. Sastre
3. Vino

Sprinters -

Although a podium contender who falls off course is always game for this.

Today is rest day so no news about me. I plan on kicking Long Beach City's ass tomorrow though. Tour of Cali predictions coming soon.

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