Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 11th, 2010

I've had a lapse in motivation this past week. the combination of things I mentioned before created a storm of in activity. Well that isn't entirely true, just less bike riding. I still went to the gym and played hockey and walked 10 miles. I still feel as strong as ever and I have months before my peak month of April, but it still happens. You lose your riding partner to work, you catch a cold that makes you sleep until 10 and you have a job that starts at 3:30, but in Fullerton. I'm better now if you were wondering.

Went for a 2 hour 35 mile spin today through lovely Irvine. There was a lot of wind, which leads me to believe there will be a lot of wind on Sunday. Sunday is important because it marks the beginning of my career with Team Becher+ as well as the beginning of my 2010 racing season.

Also, this marks my first masters race ever. I am 29, which means I have a racing age of 30 and can race in the 30+ races. It will be nice to race more than once a day when I can.

Tomorrow I will probably do a similar ride, its been so beautiful out lately. Actually Erik owes me a ride...

Saturday I am crashing the Tour de Palm Springs with Dan. It'll be a nice way to get 100 miles in. whether or not this is a good idea the day before a race is still up in the air, but I don't really care how I fair in this race; its a "level 3".

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