Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Round up 5/6/09

Vino's bwwwwaaaaaccckkk! I swear this guy is stuck at the developmental state of a 4th grader. He has no idea why people don't want him around.
You make me feel sorry for you and your shitty luck. Have us jump up in support of your resiliency as you managed to salvage your tour and grab some stage wins in flagrant fashion, only to get caught in the stone age of doping.

Now he is ready to return from his suspension and compete in Spain and the World Championships, and for Astana obviously. Thing is he can't figure out why anyone would not want him:
The difficulty, he admitted, is that the Tour de France doesn't want him. The race organisers "dictate their terms" and "for no apparent reason may prohibit me from participating. So it is better not to make plans for the Tour."
(from Bike Radar)

The Tour of California, my home race, is moving to May next year and will now compete with the Giro (which starts Saturday). The hope is that all of the riders who are skipping the Giro for the Tour will use the ToC as a prep race.
"I think being a lead-up to the Tour is the strongest place for us to be and we will have many of the Tour de France riders participating. The teams can do the Classics, the Tour de Romandie, take a break and still have enough time to get over to California for our race. They can even go back to Europe and do the Dauphiné [Libéré].
This is a great step towards make this race a viable grand tour, it just bums me out that there will be no Italians what-so-ever at California now. Well the Italian National Champion will be there haha.

Ted King
will be writing for VeloNews during the Giro, be sure to head over there and check them out, he is a pretty entertaining character. Also how can you not support domestic pros who make the leap (Rollin isn't on the Giro team, maybe the Tour?)

Tweet of the day from Burke Swindlehurst:
@flahute I was more than happy to have them there..woulda been bummed if they were prevented from racing. I love to race against champions.about 16 hours ago from web in reply to flahute
Talking about his recent 4th place in GC in the Tour of the Gila where Levi and LA took 1st and 2nd respectively.

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