Tuesday, May 5, 2009

If we only knew...

that it only takes a broken collar bone and a second place finish in a nrc race to break LA's confidence, Ullrich should've Tonya Harding'd LA a decade ago. Just days after taking second overall in the Tour of the Gila in New Mexico to his buddy Levi Leipheimer, ESPN (via AP) is telling us that Lance has given up on his hopes of winning the Giro.
The seven-time Tour de France champion is competing in his first Giro, which begins Saturday in Venice. Armstrong says he is behind schedule after breaking his collarbone in a crash in March and is not in a position to contend for victory in Italy while riding for Astana.
No word in the article about how Lance felt after being set up for the win by Levi on the Gila Monster and not coming through, losing to Phil Zajicek in the races last stage. Granted LA looked good enough to take second overall, but it has to crush his confidence to lose to someone who is not on a pro or pro continental team in the place where he usually leaves people in the dust. No offence to Phil, he had a great race and I'm excited he was able to beat both of them, but the fact that he calls that victory as his greatest ever because of who he beat shows that this is not a seasoned European pro, not someone who is likely to line up for the Giro at the end of the week.

Levi is the man for Astana right now, with Lance broken, Conti's confidence in question, and Kloden...um...no he's not suspended yet (that should happen any day now right?).

Meanwhile, I will be looking for Cervelo and Barloworld to ruin everyone's fun. If Soler or Sastre get on the podium, I'll be happy. Throw an American in there...who doesn't ride for Astana...and I'll be ecstatic. Petacchi for the sprints jersey, Soler for the climbers, the first doper will be... nah that's not fair. I have my guesses though.

This was my make shift giro preview, the world doesn't need more of them so I'll keep it short.

The worst part about the Giro last year is that all of the great memories I have from the race didn't officially happen.
The almost triple on the Dolemites.
The creepy old man taking the win over his younger teammate.
The one who lacks confidence attacking his way to second overall. Lucky for him, this means his primadona freak out post race didn't happen either.

I can't wait to see what isn't going to happen this year!

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