Thursday, April 2, 2009

Great news for those concerned about quality bicycles

Cannondale Bikes was purchased a year ago by the company who took the tanking brands Schwinn, Mongoose, and GT and moved their production to Asia to create cheaper bicycles to flood Wallmart with. Many people were concerned when the "Hand made in the United States" brand was sold off to Dorel Industries, because it was assumed that the brand would meet the same fate as its predecessors and would soon be made in Asia. Shop owners and consumers were told that this was not the plan for the Cannondale brand. When Schwinn and the others were purchased by Dorel, those brands were bankrupt and what was being sold off was the dwindling notoriety of the names of those companies. Schwinn has been making a sub par product since the bankruptcy. Meanwhile Cannondale was purchased while the company was doing quite well. Dorel has now decided to move production of Cannondale bikes to Asia along with their other brands. I call bullshit, they were planning this all along.

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