Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tweet(s) of the day

From Eddy Merckx
you may discover what impossible due to circumstance of birth is made possible due to circumstance of how you choose live life12:00 PM Mar 27th from web

spend less time worry about natural gifts or VO2 max can you ride a bit longer? push harder? go up once more? do more than the others11:59 AM Mar 27th from web

Broken English aside, how can this not motivate you? I know I am sure feeling differently about tomorrow.

Floyd dropped out of stage 2 in Redlands yesterday due to illness, he was at the Voler booth though during the Crit today and I asked him about badlands...
Me: So was it annoying when I ran next to you playing badlands?
I asked because of the flood of anti AToC "superfan" emails sent to VeloNews. His Response...
FL: No, that was awesome!
I know I'm a big nerd when it comes to pro cycling, but with such genuine personalities like Floyd and Bahati to root for, how can you not be?

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