Monday, February 9, 2009

Planning on watching the tour of California Part II - Forcast is not good

European Peloton is reporting cold wet conditions throughout at least the first four stages of the race.
Uh oh, here we go again. According to many weather related Web sites, the weather for this year's Amgen Tour of California is looking very similar to the 2008 edition. Rain is in the forecast for much of the first week, and it is looking like the peloton will be drenched at least through the fourth stage.

This is bad news for the riders of course, but it also is not welcome news for the fans planning on attending the event. With rain usually comes wind, and with lows projected in the high 30's, the blustery conditions will have many fans running for shelter instead of hugging the sides of the roads to cheer their heroes.
This should make for an interesting Prologue that's for sure. I hope it dries up by the time the riders make their way to Solvang, but who knows. Last year it rained hardest on the last day, I remember because I was there... and I was cold.

According tho Ouch's Bradley White, Palomar looks quite interesting...

That was from yesterday apparently, I guess I'll need to remember the snow Shoes that day.

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