Monday, February 9, 2009

Lance Testing for the Hour Record at ADT.

I don't understand why he is even bothering worrying about the record right now, his season is already going to be extremely tough on him. The original rumors were for him to try to beat the record after he retired again in a year or two. That makes sense to me. I suppose he is taking the opportunity while he is in California to get acclimated to the track? Velo News seems to think that because he tried out two bikes he is looking to break both Hour records.
Given that he tried not one, but two different bikes, Armstrong may have set his sights on both Ondrej Sosenka’s old-tech hour record of 49.7 km as well as Chris Boardman’s 56.375km “Best Hour Performance.”
It couldn't be that he was riding a TT bike to adjust his position for the Tour of California on a closed setting could it? I think Velo News got this wrong, there is no way Lance is thinking about breaking both records in a reasonably close time frame. In case the trackies were wondering...
Armstrong’s early lap times on the 250-meter track were in the sub-19-second range, good for better than 29 mph. He looked relaxed and smooth. When he switched to the TTX time trial machine he quickly shaved a second off his lap times — with no appreciable increase in effort — bringing his time to 17.7 seconds per lap, and a speed of 31.6 mph.

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