Friday, February 6, 2009

February 6th, 2009 - Musings pre-Tour of California

I am looking for a few things from my Tour of California this year.

1. I would like Ted King to win a stage, even more so after reading this tidbit from his blog on missing saddle.
I played on an intermural hockey team in college that was comprised entirely of ex-high school-hockey-all-stars-but-not-quite-good-enough-for-Middlebury-College-hockey, that bore the name “Team Rick Halvorson.”

2. I would like to see Fabian take a TT, which would have to be Solvang. I was let down last year, and the only way I will accept the now former world champion's defeat is if DZ or Floyd beat him. I don't know if he is going to be fast enough for the prologue. Plus I would like to save that for...

3. I would like to see Thor take the Prologue like he did in le Tour in 2006. I am really excited for the God of Thunder to be racing for a new team, I hope he can throw a wrench in Cav and Boon's self proclaimed two horse race.

4. I would like Rahsaan Bahati to fill the extra roster spot left vacant by Kemps surgery plans in Australia. I do not fully understand the situation rock is in right now, and I do not know if Bahati is on the "club" team or not (which would mean he couldn't race in this UCI race no matter what). Either way he deserves to be on the team representing California and contesting the sprints with the worlds best. I don't think he is ready to win out right yet, but he is still fucking fast and needs more road race experience anyway. This will give him that, and the added confidence of racing at home, not off in London or Australia.

5. I would like CVV and Basso to beat Levi and Lance in the GC, and up Palomar. I would love nothing more for CVV to become a billy goat this year.

6. I would like the Aggressive rider and KOM jerseys to be worn and hopefully kept by Bissel or BMC. A top 10 from either one would be icing, I'm looking in Zirbel's direction.

7. I would like Floyd to take the overall by crushing the top GC riders on his home course, I really expect him to surprise a lot of people. We are going to be lucky this year in that he will be racing in Redlands and Dana Point instead of Nice and Paris.

I suppose this list is a stretch, I mean one look at the starting field will show anyone that, but its a wish list of sorts. Plus this is a warm up race for many of these riders, but for the local domestic pros, this is it.

I don't know if I have made it clear, but I am 100% behind Ouch Pro Cycling this season, not only for Floyd either. I have enjoyed following Tim Johnson during the domestic cross season and was excited to see he would be working for Floyd and the other great domestic stage race threat, Rory Sutherland. I will be paying close attention to see how this small, but potent team handles their modest schedule. there will be constant speculation if Floyd does well that he will be drawn back to Europe, would that make this one and done? Or would Ouch up the anti to Pro Domestic status? One thing is certain, le Tour will not invite any team with Floyd on it back to race for them again.

Lastly, I'm not quite sure how to react to the banner on the Amgen website:

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Anonymous said...

Good post. A couple thoughts:

- Bahati would be dropped on the first climb of Stage 1.

- Landis is going to win this race, hands-down.

- Why in the hell are the race organizers making this out to be the Tour de Lance?