Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February 3rd, 2009 - If That's Movin' Up Then I'm Movin' Out

The goal is to get two good days of riding in this week before Saturday, because I want to contest the next race on Sunday. I feel motivated, with Amgen coming up and my new issue of Road in the bathroom, how could I not be? I just hope Dresden is cool and waits until after the race to be born. I know its not right to be mad or jealous of a new born, but be cool man.

The line up for Amgen is just stunning this year (see Podium in Sight). I am curious to see if Rock Racing will ride that funky Kestrel Time Trial frame in the Prologue and Solvang TT.

Enough about bikes, I think I may finally be getting a tattoo. Its been a decade now that I have had friends with tattoos, and I just never cared to get one. Now I do I guess? I even have toyed with the idea of a SXE tattoo eventually, which is weird. I used to say I could only see gettign a tattoo if it served a purpose, like tattooing Xs on your hands to save on markers (I don't mark my hands anymore so thats not really neccesary anymore) or tattooing flip-flops on the tops of your feet so that you don't have to wear shoes (I hate when my feet are dry and cracked though, so that's out too). If I follow through with it I will post pics, but there is no point sharing the idea or reason if its only a pipe dream. I can't wait until next weekend.

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