Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January 28th, 2009 - I'm waiting, waiting for nothing

I subbed today, was weird after having my own class for so long. It was so boring. Plus I didn't know any of the kids, just very strange. The nice thing was that it was a short day, so I just went home at lunch. I had to stop by El Toro to see about why my student teaching evaluations had not yet been received by Long Beach, an din doing so I procured myself a subbing job for tomorrow with my old class. I'm excited about that! I guess this is how moms feel.

The shitty thing about subing is that I get paid more than a month later, fucking government. I have been talking a lot in my sleep lately, I bet I sound cute when I do that. Dane is in town, he gets me. Its nice to have an outsider to talk to about everything I need to vent about, I am pretty sure he feels the same way.

Listening to: Santogold - Lights Out

PS that pic was staged obviously.

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