Monday, December 8, 2008

Decemember 8th, 2008 - An Italian Legend

I was asked today if I thought I could race professionally if I was able to spend all of my time training and focusing on bicycle riding. I responded yes. I don't think I could compete in Europe, but I think I could race domestically if I had access to the amount of resources the pros have, especially the support. I don't want to sound foolish, I have no intentions of trying to go Pro, I just think I keep getting stronger with each year and when I am at my peak I am extremely fast. Sadly work and school always get in the way of training. I really do not want to wake up on a Saturday or Sunday morning at 6:00 am in order to go ride my bike when I am extremely tired from the week. This winter I feel especially strong, my endurance is not there, but I am still relatively fast, so I am excited for the new season to start. I think this will be my first real push in cycling, I will not be working after January so I can just substitute teach and train hard. It would be foolish to think anyone cares about this sort of thing, but I would like to come back to this post next December and see how I feel about my abilities and if I still feel like I could have gone Pro. Is there any better profession than being paid for what you love?

In other news, a recent MTB ride turned into a wheelie contest and I lost, my ass.

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