Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 5th, 2008 - I am the beginning, I am the eraser

There are few feelings in life which are better than getting praise when you expect to fail. The only problem is that if I receive too much praise I start to believe it and then I become an asshole generally. As much as I love being right and innovative, I need to be told I am wrong often to keep my head straight.

Listening to the kids discuss the election today was a lot of fun. The strength of their opinions cannot be tested, boy do they have strong opinions. I was caught off guard by how hard one of my students argued that Prop 2 was pointless and unnecessary, it seems like one of the propositions you only get worked up about if you are for it, but that's why teenagers are great.

My kids asked me throughout the election to tell them who I was voting for and I refused to tell them, because I felt it was inapropriate and I didn't want a slew of angry parents calling me. So when the election was over they asked if they could know now and I said sure. Befor eI could get to telling them who I voted for someone made a comment which I don't quite remember, I replied with "I didn't vote for Oboma so i doesn't matter." My kids are pretty smart and one of them yelled "oh he voted for McCain!" and they were a little upset I could tell, but I had to correct her and explain that I did not vote for McCain either. I only bring this up because it was funny watching the wheels turn in their heads. Some were quick and started shouting out third parties and I shot each one of them down. I told them that I voted for the person I thought best suited my interests and even though she did not win the primary I still voted for her. Most of them figured out who I was talking about, but what was great was that they learned about write in votes and that it is possible to vote for any number of people, not just your bread and butter candidates.
On second thought, maybe I should have voted for her daughter

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