Monday, November 3, 2008

November 3rd - Touched by the hand of smog

If you have ever had a song stuck in your head, but not the part of the song with lyrics, then you know that sometimes its easy to be frustrated by something stupid. Its not as if you can hum the guitar part to you friend to tell them which song you are playing in your head, and the words never reach your tongue; if there was another Spanish inquisition, I think they might consider this type of torture to sway nonbelievers.

I know what I want to do, and even how I want to accomplish it, but I can never get to the point where I can spell out exactly how a lesson should go. Its like I cannot stop humming the annoying outro to a song, when what I need is the chorus. What is even worse, is when I worry that the song might be a remix with no words at all, which means I'll never get to finish my lesson and I will not have a reason to be telling the youth what is fact.

Luckily Mitch Hedburg always knows how to put everything in perspective.

Listening to: New Order - The Perfect Kiss (live)

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