Sunday, November 16, 2008

November 16th, 2008 I could lie to you

Fires are not scary, unless you are sleeping maybe. So every year this great state looses its shit over its inability to find homes in places which are not prone to making the news for turning orange.

The amount of resources and man power which is wasted on this natural event is staggering (I fail to see how something we know is coming can be called a disaster), add to the initial costs the insusarce claims and I don't see how this formulaic situation can exist as it does today.

(People with money purchase land with a great view or in a secluded area where they can raise expensive animals like horses) + (Drops in annual rainfall make vegetation much more susceptible to fire) + (The Santa Ana winds come every year at the hottest time in the year without fail) + (Insurance companies with five year memories, which is usually just how long it takes for a region to burn again) = Nonstop media coverage and fear.
For the record this is not anger, it is cynicism. They are different and non-cooperative.

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